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KB448 Key & Knob Clicks - DT402 & DT400

  DT402 & DT400 can be set to click each time you press a key or turn one of the knobs. Some users prefer this auditory feed back and others don’t. DT402 & DT400 throttles are shipped with key & knob clicks enabled.

KB577 DT400 - Playable whistle on F2 button

  Q:  I have read in some of the model magazines that the F2 button on the DT400 is a pressure sensitive playable whistle button. I have not noticed any difference in sound with the F2 button on my DT400. Is there some way to determine if this feature is present on my throttle? A:  Most Digitrax DT400 and all DT402 series throttles have the capability of implementing the playable whistle feature when used with Digitrax sound decoders.Prior to the release of Digitrax sound decoders this feature was considered as an experimental throttle feature and was not fully documented. Once Digitrax released ...

KB708 UT4 - Controlling Functions (Lighting, Couplers, Sounds, etc.)

UT4 Function Control Keys and How they WorkThere are 8 physical keys used to control functions F0-F12 on the UT4 throttle. F1 through F6 and F7-F12 share the same keys.  You will see F1-F6 in black print and F7-F12 in blue print to remind you that you will need to use the SHIFT key to access F7-F12. To use functions F7-F12 you must press and hold down the SHIFT key on the lower left row of the throttle as you press the F7 through F12 keys to activate any functions available on those functions. All the UT4 functions work like other Digitrax throttles. ...

KB449 Ballistic vs. Straight Line Throttle Knob Tracking

Ballistic TrackingWith ballistic tracking, the faster you increase or decrease the the throttle knob, the faster the data changes in the throttle. When ballistic tracking is enabled, so are typematic keys. With typematic keys, when you press and hold the Y + or N - Keys, the values will continue to increase or decrease without having to do a separate key press for each increment. DT402/DT400 are shipped with ballistic tracking enabled as the factory default setting. Straight Line TrackingWith straight line tracking each movement of the throttle knob causes a fixed rate of change. When you use straight line ...

KB740 DT402 & DT400 Series Throttle - Track Power ON & OFF

DT402 & DT400 Series Throttles Track Power ON and OFF When track power is on: The Throttle's Track Power Indicator is on solid (small dot in the top line on the right side of the LCD)   Command Station TRACK STATUS indicator is lit   and Command Station OFF LINE indicator is off To turn track power on: Press the PWR Key and the LCD will display a screen similar to this: Press the Y + Key to turn on track power. Press the PWR Key again to exit Power On/Off Mode. You may also press any other key to go directly ...

KB87 DT400 series Loco Key

The LOCO Key is used for selecting loco addresses on to the throttles so that the address is controlled by the throttle. Sometimes people call this “assigning locos to throttles.” DT100, DT200, & DT300 series throttles used the SEL or SET/SEL Keys for this throttle task.

KB729 DT400 Series Throttles - Function Controls

The DT400 can control Functions 1 - 12.Note: DT400 can access F0-F12 when used with the DCS50 Zephyr or DCS100 Super Chief command station. DT400 can only access F0-F8 when used with a DB150 Super Empire Builder command station.To enter Fn (function) mode:1. Determine which throttle you want to control functions on and make it the active throttle by single clicking the throttle knob or by turning the throttle knob a couple of clicks.2. DT400’s numeric keypad is always active in function mode during normal loco operations. When the mode indicator on your DT400 shows Fn, simply press any number ...

KB730 DT400 Series Throttles - Make F2 Latching or Non-latching

DT400 Series Throttles - Make F2 Latching or Non-latching The F2 button on the DT400 is meant to control locomotive whistles and horns, so it is configured to be "momentary" or non-latching.  This means that the key will activate the horn or other function for as long as you hold the key down and stop when it is released. This was done to facilitate the use of a playable whistle in sound decoders. If you are not using F2 for this purpose on your layout, you can change the way the F2 key on the throttle works so that it latches on and ...

KB27 DT402 - Controlling Functions

The DT402 Throttle will control up to 29 functions in walkaround and radio modes. When operating in IR Mode the DT402 series throttles will control up to 9 functions (F0-F8). The numeric keypad is always active in the normal Fn operation mode. The functions that are currently on for the active loco will be displayed on the top line of the DT402 display. The following figure shows an example of how the display looks when functions 0 and 1 are turned on for loco 1652 on the R Throttle. Controlling Functions F0-F12 1. Determine which throttle you want to control ...

KB732 DT402 & DT400 Series Throttles - Emergency Stop (Entire Layout)

To stop everything on the layout, press the PWR Key followed by the N - Key while the track power is on. This will turn track power off and will cause all locos to stop. Press the PWR Key followed by Y + Key again and the locomotives will start running again at the same speed they were running prior to STOP mode. To exit PWR mode, press the PWR Key or the EXIT Key.

KB733 DT402 & DT400 Series Throttles - Emergency Stop - Local

DT402 & DT400 series throttles have two ways of doing an emergency stop. When you use Emergency Stop, the deceleration rate programmed into the decoder will not have an effect and the stop will be immediate.Local Stop Press the EMRG STOP Key to stop the loco that is active in the throttle display. To resume operation, use the throttle knob associated with that address to increase the loco’s speed.Press the EMRG STOP Key again to stop the loco that is associated with the other throttle on the DT400 or DT402 series throttle. To resume operation, each operator must use their throttle to set ...

KB735 DT402 & DT400 Series Throttle - Locomotive Speed Control

DT402 & DT400 Series Throttle - Locomotive Speed Control To control the speed of a locomotive:1. Select the loco address on either throttle2. Turn the throttle knob clockwise to increase speed and counterclockwise to decrease speed or3. Use the Y + & N- Keys to increase and decrease speed.The % of full speed will be displayed in the text line of the display on the L or R side depending on which throttle is controlling the loco. The % of full speed will also be displayed on the bar graph above the text area in the display.If a loco address is ...

KB731 DT402 & DT400 Series Throttles - Locomotive Direction Control

DT402 & DT400 Series Throttles Locomotive Directrion Control There are two ways to change the direction of the locomotive address from the DT402 and DT400 Series Throttles:Double click the Throttle Knob to reverse the direction of a locomotive running on that throttle:1. Double click the Throttle knob that is controlling the locomotive. Press down on the knob quickly two times (2 distinct key presses within 1/2 second).2. The locomotive selected on that throttle will change direction.3. Repeat the process to reverse again, etc.4. Double clicking the R Throttle knob will reverse only the locomotive running on that throttle. Double click ...

KB420 DT400 series Tetherless Operation - Control Lock

While the DT400 series throttle is being used tetherless, there are occasions when you may want to disable the throttle's controls to prevent accidental commands being sent to the railroad. For example, your train is in a siding waiting for another train to pass. You put your throttle in your pocket and go take a break. By locking the throttle controls, you will not be able to accidentally start your train if you bump your throttle knob or press the Y + Key . To lock the controls on your DT400 1. Press both the Y + and the N ...

KB741 DT402 & DT400 Series Numeric Keypad

There is a numeric keypad on the DT402/DT400 throttle.  The numeric keys on the keypad are primarily related to the throttle mode shown in the LCD’s mode indicator area, but can be used for numeric entry and function control in other modes. For example, when the command station is in the Function Mode Fn, the numeric keys are used for function control. When the command station is in the Locomotive Mode,Lo, the numeric keys are used to enter loco addresses. When the command station is in the Switch Mode is Sw, the numeric keys are used to enter switch addresses.In ...

KB742 DT402 & DT400 Series Throttle EMRG STOP Key

Your DT402/DT400 throttle comes from the factory set for “Local” Stop. When you press the EMRG STOP Key , the loco address that is active on your display (the one with the blinking smoke) will stop.When you press the EMRG STOP Key again, the loco address on the other throttle of your DT400 will stop.You can use the OPTN t Key to change the EMRG STOP to “Global” Stop.With global stop option enabled, pressing the EMRG STOP Key will stop all locos on the layout and you will see the throttle's track power indicator blinking on and off.To resume operations, press ...

KB743 DT402 & DT400 Series Throttle Enter Key

The ENTER key is used to complete the current throttle task and return to Fn mode for normal operations.

KB744 DT402 & DT400 Series Throttle Exit Key

The EXIT Key is used to exit the current throttle task without making changes. Pressing this key will usually return the DT402 and DT400 series throttles to Fn mode for regular locomotive operation.

KB745 DT402 & DT400 Series Throttle CLOC, "c" Key-Clock Display or closed

The CLOC, "c" Key is used to toggle between displaying and not displaying the current fast clock time. It is also used to issue c (closed) commands when the throttle is in Switch mode.In the case of turnout control:c=closed, when a "c" command is sent, the turnout is set for the main line with routing through the straight leg of the turnout.

KB775 DT400 Controls, Buttons and Knobs

The DT400 and DT400R are full function hand held throttles that include 2 independent throttles and a common keypad to control, up to 13 functions (0-12), turnouts and programming.

KB750 DT402 & DT400 Series Throttle EDIT Key

The EDIT Key is used to enter the Edit Mode for editing the fast clock, routes, signaling, etc. It is also used to status edit decoders while in locomotive address selection mode.

KB752 DT402 & DT400 Series Throttle DISP Key-Display or Dispatch

The DISP Key is used both for displaying programming information and dispatching loco addresses.

KB754 DT402 & DT400 Series Throttles Y (+) & N (-) Keys

The DT402/DT400 Throttles include two multipurpose keys.The Y + and N - Keys are used: To turn track power on and off   To increase or decrease loco speed   To link and unlink locos during MU’ing   To accomplish tasks using system editors These two keys can be set up to act in two different ways:Repeating: so that if you hold a key down it will continue to increase or decrease step by step until you release the key. This option is active when your throttle is set up for ballistic tracking. Your DT402/DT402 throttles are shipped from the factory ...

KB755 DT402 & DT400 Series Throttle Direction Reverse Keys

The L & R Direction Reverse Keys change the direction of travel of the loco on the related throttle when the throttle is in Fn (Normal Operation) Mode. The R Direction Reverse Key changes direction of the address on the “R” or Right Throttle. The L Direction Reverse Key changes direction of the address on the “L” or Left Throttle.  You can also reverse the locomotive by double clicking the throttle knob.

KB756 DT402 & DT400 Series Throttle SWCH Key

The SWCH Key is used for entering switch control mode. Once this key is pressed, you will be prompted to select a switch address and issue a thrown or closed command. Switch control mode is used in normal operation for operating turnout machines and in set up mode for setting up option switches in the throttle and command station.

KB757 DT402 & DT400 Series Throttle MU Key

The MU Key is used to enter consist or multiple unit (MU) set up mode.Once the MU Key is pressed, you will be prompted by the throttle to use the Y+ Or N- Keys to add locos to or remove locos from consists (MUs)

KB758 DT402 & DT400 Series Throttle Function Key

The FUNC Key is used to enter function control mode. Function control mode is the default mode for normal locomotive operation with the DT402/DT400 Series Throttles. Press this key during any throttle task to return to normal loco operation mode with function controls active on the numeric keypad.