KB577: DT400 - Playable whistle on F2 button

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Q:  I have read in some of the model magazines that the F2 button on the DT400 is a pressure sensitive playable whistle button.

I have not noticed any difference in sound with the F2 button on my DT400.

Is there some way to determine if this feature is present on my throttle?

A:  Most Digitrax DT400 and all DT402 series throttles have the capability of implementing the playable whistle feature when used with Digitrax sound decoders.

Prior to the release of Digitrax sound decoders this feature was considered as an experimental throttle feature and was not fully documented. Once Digitrax released sound decoders, we released information on how to use it with our DT400 throttles.  After that time, all throttles were shipped with the feature enabled.  You should not need to do this with DT402 series throttles.

If your DT400 series throttle does not implement this feature, it was probably produced prior to the release of Digitrax sound decoders that could take advantage of the feature so it probably just needs to be enabled.

To set up your DT400 throttle to use playable whistle, you'll need to Set Throttle Option#3 to x81.

Press OPTN key on your DT400.

Press ENTER twice-to skip through Option 1 & 2 set up; do not change the values for these options.

OP#3 appears in the throttle.

Use the right knob to dial up x81 as the value for Option #3.

Press ENTER to change the Option #3 value.

Continue to press ENTER through Option 4 & 5.

The DT400 will exit Option Set up mode once you cycle through all available options.

: If your DT400 throttle does not respond to this option change by producing a playable whistle on the function 2 key of the throttle when used with a Digitrax sound decoder, please contact Digitrax tech support. Remember, your Digitrax sound decoder must be set up with a horn or whistle on F2 for this to work. This feature does not work with sound decoders made by other manufacturers.

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