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General FAQs

What is a digital command control?

Command control systems, both analog and digital, allow you to simulate prototypical train operation on your model railroad. With digital command control you can operate multiple locomotives independently at the same time on the same section of track without a computer and without blocking or other complex wiring schemes. Digital command control systems use digital data packets to communicate commands to decoders that control locomotives, turnouts and other devices used on the railroad.  There are many different digital command control systems and many of them are compatible with Digitrax Complete Train Control (CTC).

What will it do for me and my railroad?

Simply put, DCC and other command control systems like Digitrax will let you "run your trains, not your track." Digitrax Complete Train ControlTM gives you the freedom to bring your railroad to life with truly prototypical operation at your fingertips!

Why use a digital system rather than an analog system?

Because digital technology gives extremely reliable operation and the technology is almost infinitely extendable without causing backward compatibility problems (analog systems are inherently more restrictive). Also, digital systems make wiring simple and easy to install. Because a digital system encodes information sent from the command station to the decoder as numbers grouped into packets, new types of packets can be added to a digital system to send more information thus extending the existing system without causing backward compatibility problems.

Why should I choose Digitrax for my layout's command control system?

Because Digitrax is a Complete Train Control system that gives you the best value for your money.  Digitrax combines digital command control and other technologies to bring your railroad to life.  You can start as simply as running a train on a loop of track and grow to an expansive railroad empire without ever having to change your control system.  Digitrax CTC is a component based system that grows with you and your railroad.

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