Digitrax User Group

The Digitrax Users Group Chat List is devoted to discussions about the Digitrax DCC system. This list is privately maintained. It is not the property of Digitrax, Inc. All comments and opinions are the responsibility of the author of the posting and not that of Digitrax, Inc.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who have worked to keep the list a friendly and helpful place for all Digitrax Users.

Digitrax does not moderate the Digitrax Users Group Chat List.

We want to allow our customers to have an open forum.

Digitrax does not monitor the list on a daily basis.  We do check in from time to time to see what topics are being discussed

Occasionally a Digitrax employee will post to the chat list but we try to keep a “hands off” approach so that you will feel free to express your opinions and discuss Digitrax openly and freely.

This policy has made the Digitrax Chat List very popular with users, there are thousands of members on the list. Users know they are getting information directly from other users and not just hearing “the party line” from a heavily moderated company operated list.

We hope you enjoy the Digitrax Chat List as much as we do!

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