KB731: DT402 & DT400 Series Throttles - Locomotive Direction Control

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DT402 & DT400 Series Throttles Locomotive Directrion Control

There are two ways to change the direction of the locomotive address from the DT402 and DT400 Series Throttles:

Double click the Throttle Knob to reverse the direction of a locomotive running on that throttle:

1. Double click the Throttle knob that is controlling the locomotive. Press down on the knob quickly two times (2 distinct key presses within 1/2 second).

2. The locomotive selected on that throttle will change direction.

3. Repeat the process to reverse again, etc.

4. Double clicking the R Throttle knob will reverse only the locomotive running on that throttle. Double click the L Throttle knob to reverse in the same way.

Use the L or R Reverse Keys to reverse direction:

Press the L & R Reverse Keys to reverse the direction of the locos selected on the respective throttles.

The R Direction Indicator under the R Loco Icon in the LCD will indicate the direction of the loco.

If you change direction while a loco is moving it will slow down to 0 speed and then speed up to the commanded speed according to the decoder’s programmed CV values for deceleration and acceleration.

You can program each mobile decoder with acceleration and deceleration rates that simulate the scale effects of braking the train. Then when you command an instant reverse, the system will simulate braking by slowing down the locomotive at the programmed deceleration rate, come to a stop & then accelerate at the programmed acceleration rate in the opposite direction.

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