KB708: UT4 - Controlling Functions (Lighting, Couplers, Sounds, etc.)

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UT4 Function Control Keys and How they Work

There are 8 physical keys used to control functions F0-F12 on the UT4 throttle. F1 through F6 and F7-F12 share the same keys.  You will see F1-F6 in black print and F7-F12 in blue print to remind you that you will need to use the SHIFT key to access F7-F12. 

To use functions F7-F12 you must press and hold down the SHIFT key on the lower left row of the throttle as you press the F7 through F12 keys to activate any functions available on those functions.

All the UT4 functions work like other Digitrax throttles. The function keys toggle on and off with each press, except for F2, which is momentary.  F2 is ON only when held down, and OFF when released.   If you wish to latch the F2 key ON, simply hold dthe F2 key down for 15 seconds. Once the F2 key is latched on, simply press it again to turn it off.

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