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Intellectual Property Rights Statement

Digitrax respects the intellectual property rights of others and recognizes the rights of all companies and individuals to protect their intellectual property rights through trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secret treatment of their intellectual property.

Digitrax actively pursues all suspected and known violations of its owned and licensed intellectual property rights.

Patents and Trade Secret Information

Digitrax uses material covered by US Patents 6,220,552, 6,275,739, 6,318,678, 6,367,742, 6,545,886, 6,513,763, 6,747,579, 6,536,716, 6,533,223, 6,533,224, 8,229,582, 8,292,237 and others under non-exclusive licenses and/or assignments from Anthony J. Ireland. Licensing for material covered by these patents are available to other companies and individuals. Other patents covering technology used by Digitrax are pending.  Measures to protect trade secret information are enforced.

Digitrax licenses the commercial use of LocoNet, which is trade secret technology, to other companies on a non-exclusive basis.

Digitrax mobile and sound decoders contain material covered by US Patents 6,545,886, 6,513,763, 6,729,584, 8,229,582 and others that may be pending.

Digitrax throttles incorporating playable whistle feature are covered by US Patent 6,747,579 and others that may be pending.

Digitrax Throttles, Command Stations, Boosters, Universal Panels, Detection devices, Signaling devices, and all other products that are attached to LocoNet are covered by US Patents 6,275,739, 6,367,742, 6,533,224, German/European patents, and others that may be pending.  These products are also covered by additional intellectual property maintained by Digitrax, Inc. as trade secret information.  LocoNet is copyrighted property.

Digitrax command stations incorporating Jump port technology are covered by US Patent 6,536,716 and others that may be pending.

Digitrax equipment incorporating transponding and occupancy detection technology is covered by US Patents 6,220,552, 6,318,678, 6,533,223, 6,729,584, 8,292,237 and others that may be pending.

Digitrax Sound Definition Language is covered by US Patent 8,229,582.  All sound projects created using this format may be shared with others but may not be sold except under license from Digitrax, Inc.

Digitrax, Inc. Take Down Policy:

Digitrax, Inc. respects others’ intellectual property rights.  We respond to written complaints alleging infringement under applicable laws.  We accept notices alleging infringement of intellectual property rights by postal mail or by e-mail when properly signed.  We do not accept notices alleging infringement of intellectual property rights by telephone or other voice communication.  Notices filed under this policy must be real world notices and are not protected under our privacy policy.  We may disclose such notices to the filing and counter-filing parties as well as to third-parties as we deem reasonable and as required by law or court order.

If you find material on our website in which you own rights and for which you have not given permission or are not covered by a limitation or exception in national law, please contact us in writing with all of the following information so that we can properly assess your complaint:

  1. Your name and how we may contact you.
  2. The full bibliographic details of the material.
  3. The complete url where you found the material.
  4. Proof that you have rights to the material.
  5. A statement that, under penalty of perjury, you are own said rights.

Please send this information to our contact form here.

Once your complete information is received, we will acknowledge receipt of your complaint by email or letter.  We will not respond to complaints that do not contain all the required information. 

We will assess the validity and plausibility of your complaint. If your complaint appears to merit further investigation, the material will be temporarily removed from our website pending further investigation.

In the case of material that was provided to us by third parties, Digitrax, Inc. will contact the contributor. The contributor will be notified of the allegations and will be asked to respond.

Our goal is to resolve intellectual property issues as swiftly, amicably, and to the satisfaction of all parties, with the following possible outcomes:

The material is returned to the Digitrax website unchanged.

The material is replaced on the Digitrax website with changes as agreed.

The material is permanently removed from the website.