KB754: DT402 & DT400 Series Throttles Y (+) & N (-) Keys

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The DT402/DT400 Throttles include two multipurpose keys.

The Y + and N - Keys are used:

  • To turn track power on and off


  • To increase or decrease loco speed


  • To link and unlink locos during MU’ing


  • To accomplish tasks using system editors

These two keys can be set up to act in two different ways:

Repeating: so that if you hold a key down it will continue to increase or decrease step by step until you release the key. This option is active when your throttle is set up for ballistic tracking. Your DT402/DT402 throttles are shipped from the factory with this feature enabled.

Single Press: so that you will must press the key each time you want to increase or decrease. This option is active when your throttle is set up for straight line tracking.

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