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DT100 Series Throttles were discontinued in 2000.

As of 11/28/2005 they are no longer repairable due to unavailability of repair parts.

DT100 Series Throttles were shipped with early Chief Starter Sets

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KB910 DT100 Address Programming Instructions

These simplified DT100 operating instructions courtesy of Alan Mitchell, tested by the Raisin Valley Model Railroad Club in Blissfield, Michigan! PROGRAMMING THE ADDRESS INTO A LOCOMOTIVE WITH A DT100Place locomotive to be programmed on program track with the system turned on.1. Push "Run/Stop" Button, hold it down and push the Function Button. Release both buttons (The digital display should say "Ad:--")2. Turn the right hand throttle knob to select the address you wish to program into you throttle3. When the number appears, push "sel" (the display should say "Page" followed momentarily by "Good"NOTE: DT100 is out of production.

KB602 Can I upgrade or update my DT100 throttles?

Q: I have an older Super Chief system that came with DT100 throttles. They are both shot; one was accidentally pulled apart by an over zealous operator who forgot about the cable length and the other was ruined by me (I'm ashamed to admit) by spilling some super glue on several of the buttons. Can I upgrade to the current throttles or do you recommend I purchase the old DT100 units? A:  All Digitrax Starter Sets have LocoNet, including your older Chief series unit. This means that you can use any Digitrax throttle past and present.  Both of your damaged DT100 ...

KB260 DT100 Locomotive Selection

ENGINE SELECTIONPlace locomotive on the tracks controlled by the command station.1. Turn the throttle knob you want to run a loco on about a quarter turn (this lets the controller know you want to address that side.)2. Push the "Sel" Button3. Turn the throttle knob you have selected until the left numbers of the display match the locomotive number you wish to run. (No decoder = 00)4. Push "Sel" again.5. Repeat for the other throttle.If the number "33" appears it means that locomotive is unavailable (usually under the control of another throttle)These simplified DT100 operating instructions courtesy of Alan Mitchell

KB261 DT100 MU Operations

MU OPERATION Place the two units you wish to MU on the tracks controlled by the command station 1. Select the lead locomotive on the right side throttle  2. Select the engine to be added on the left side throttle 3. Make sure all the locomotives in the consist are traveling in the same physical direction. The direction lights may or may not be the same (green or red) depending on the orientation of the locomotives in the consist (head to head or tail to tail). 4. Push "mode" Button 2 times 5. The display should now show both locomotive numbers. 6. ...

KB940 Decimal and Hexadecimal Numbers

Over the years, different Digitrax throttles have used a combination of decimal, modified hexadecimal and hexadecimal numbers for entering CV numbers and CV values.  The following information is provided as a programming reference to show you how these different schemes work so that you will be able to use your throttle to program decoders.UT1 & UT2 Utility Throttles use decimal numbers exclusively for CV numbers and CV values.  Because these throttles use 2 selector switches that can access the numbers 0-9, you are limited to programming only CV#s and values from 00 to 99.DT100 Throttles use a modified hex numbering ...

KB272 Is the DT 200 compatible with newer sets?

Is the DT 200 compatible with newer sets? The DT200 (now discontinued) was supplied with the Digitrax Big Boy starter set. The Big Boy system consisted of a DB100 configured as a booster, LA1 or LA2 LocoNet Adapter interface, DT200 throttle, and a power supply. The primary DT200 throttle also acted as the command station. The Big Boy system had full LocoNet capabilities. Unlike the Chief, this set depended on the DT200 as part of the of the system, with the throttle acting as the command station for the unit. With other LocoNet systems, such as Super Chief, it will ...

KB189 Case Study: PUTRA Powering the Kelana Jaya Rail Line (Part 3 of 5)

The Kelana Jaya Rail Line model is a DCC intense layout, using many Digitrax command control components to achieve the goal of training operators of the actual rail line. The railroad was built in the 1990's and many of the Digitrax devices used for the Kelana Jaya Rail Line model have been superseded with improved units. Components used for the Kelana Jaya layout: 28 Mainline turnouts 11 Yard turnouts 39 Tortoise switch machines 84 Dwarf signals (yellow/green, red/green, red/yellow) 38 Mainline block signals 38 Heavy duty SPDT switch relays Digitrax Components Used for the Kelana Jaya layout: 1 DCS 100 ...

KB87 DT400 series Loco Key

The LOCO Key is used for selecting loco addresses on to the throttles so that the address is controlled by the throttle. Sometimes people call this “assigning locos to throttles.” DT100, DT200, & DT300 series throttles used the SEL or SET/SEL Keys for this throttle task.

KB367 DT400 - Erratic Behavior

I have a DCS100. I do not understand why my DT400's speed increases (all the way up to 99) sometimes when I plug it in. Also, sometimes the Loco number (when selected when this is taking place) will increase too. There is no control enabled when this is taking place. If I plug in a DT100 it operates normally. One of the buttons on the DT400 may be stuck, leading to this behavior. Take a look at the control panel of the DT400 and you will probably see this stuck button since it will not be in a fully returned ...

KB412 Battery Compartment Cover

If you break or lose the battery cover for your DT500 series, DT402 series, DT400 series, DT300 series,DT100 series, or UT series you will need a replacement cover. This part is now available from Digitrax through your dealer.

KB795 Empire Builder Overview

Empire Builder was manufactured from 1998 to 2000.  It was offered with a DT100 throttle.

KB796 Chief Overview

Chief was Digitrax third commercially produced starter set.  It was manufactured from 1998 to 2000.  It included:A DT100 throttleA DCS100 command Station Booster

KB495 Run a four digit locomotive address with UT1 Utility Throttle

Although the UT1 can only handle addresses between 00 and 99, it can be used to operate one four digit locomotive address. 1. On the UT1 dial up 992. On a DT100, DT300 or DT400 series throttle, dispatch the four digit address you want to run on the UT13. On the UT1 press the ACQ (acquire button) to run the four digit addressNote that dispatching is a special state and the first UT1 throttle to press the Acquire button after the dispatch from another throttle will acquire that address to run.

KB47 BDL168 - How to Change the Option Switches

How to read back and change BDL168 Option Switches (OpSw): 1. Power up your BDL168 and connect it to LocoNet. 2. Connect a DT series or UT1, UT2 Digitrax throttle to one of the the BDL168's LocoNet connectors. NOTE: The UT4 will not work as its design is different for the original UT series throttles.3. Press the switch behind the red option LED for about 1 second, then release it. The red option and green ID LEDs will flash alternately to let you know that you are in option switch setup mode. 4. Go into SWITCH mode on your throttle. ...

KB780 DT400 Features and Specifications

DT400 is designed to maintain a close similarity in function & feel with Digitrax DT300, DT200, & DT100 series throttles. This family resemblance makes it easy to add new throttles to your Digitrax Command Control System and be able to use them in ways similar to the existing throttles that you are already used to. DT400 can be used with any Digitrax LocoNet System or other LocoNet compatible DCC system.   User friendly Multi-line Backlit LCD with easy to read icons and messages.   Prompts in the display guide you every step of the way. To make operation easy and ...

KB67 BDL168 - Setting Up Board ID

When the BDL168 is connected to LocoNet, it will communicate coded detection information to the system. If you wish to report BDL168 status to LocoNet and attached devices or computers that can interpret these messages, you will probably want to set up a unique board address for each BDL168. This is done so that the BDL168 Board ID does not conflict with the Board ID of other devices on the railroad. Board addresses can range from 01 to 999. It is recommended that you make a record of the addresses you use for all devices connected to your layout. Setting ...

KB236 CV29 - 2-digit or 4-digit Addressing

  CV29 is assigned a single value which chooses a combination of specific effects: 1. Speed step control. 2. Speed table On or Off. 3. Analog mode conversion On or Off. 4. Normal Direction of Travel (NDOT). 5. 2 digit addressing or 4 digit addressing. 2-digit or 4-digit Addressing The decoder's address is the identification number programmed into specific decoder that lets that decoder recognize commands sent to it by the command station. Once you program the decoder's address, it will be remembered in the decoder until you re-program it. All Digitrax current production decoders can be set up with ...

KB868 Troubleshooting DS54 Stationary Decoder Problems

Before sending your Digitrax DS54 stationary decoder in for repair try these steps to see if you can “bring it back from the dead” and save a trip to the shop and possible repair charge.If you find you need to send in an item for repair, click here For Digitrax Repair Procedures and InformationAre there burn marks on the DS54 decoder?You'll need to send it in for repair!Understand CV programming with different throttleCV values shown are 00 or 000 for decimal and x00 for hex. Read your manual carefully to be sure you are using the appropriate values when programming ...

KB676 Mobile Decoder Programming Overview

Programming is the process of setting the configuration variables (CVs) in your decoder to the appropriate values that will make the locomotive perform the way you want it to.  The first CVs that most people change are those that set the locomotive decoder's address.  The mobile decoder in your locomotive usually comes pre-porgrammed to a factory default address of "03".  Once you add a second locomotive, you will want to change the this new locomotive to another address.  Not doing so will result in both locomotives operating at the same time when you send commands to address 03.Likewise, there are a ...

KB187 Case Study: PUTRA Computer Operation of the Kelana Jaya Rail Line Model (Part 5 of 5)

The Kelana Jaya Rail Line model layout uses WinLok 2.1 running on a PC under Windows 98 to operate the trains, turnouts, signals and to use the feedback from the block detectors for train control. This equipment was configured and programmed to PUTRA's specifications by Dr. Hans R. Tanner of DigiToys Systems. PUTRA specified the following capabilities for the control system used for the simulation: 1. Run eight trains at once in any combination of automated or manual control. 2. Define specific routings and be able to assign automatically or manually any route to any train at the time the ...

KB237 CV29 - Configuration Register - The Addition Method

CV29 sets the characteristics for 5 different decoder behaviors. The table below shows each characteristic and its value if it is on or off. Notice that if the switch is off the value is zero. Click here to go to the automated CV29 value calculatorTo determine the value to program for your decoder just go down the list and add up the numbers for all the switches you want to set as ON. If you need to convert the decimal valueCV29 Examples of CV Values: The factory default value for CV29 is 06. Switch # Characteristic if OFF Value if ...

KB556 CV29 - Addition Method for Hexadecimal Users

CV29 controls many aspects of the locomotive, including its decoder address (including two or four digit address) , normal direction of travel (NDOT), whether the locomotive opperates at 28 speed steps or 128 and others. Some older Digitrax throttles use hexadecimal notation for programming.  This article is presented for the benefit of those who may still be using these throttles.  CAUTION: if you are NOT using a DT100 or DT200, please disregard this article to avoid confusion.The Addition Method The table below shows each switch and its value if it is on or off. Notice that if the switch is ...