KB261: DT100 MU Operations

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Place the two units you wish to MU on the tracks controlled by the command station 

1. Select the lead locomotive on the right side throttle 

2. Select the engine to be added on the left side throttle

3. Make sure all the locomotives in the consist are traveling in the same physical direction.

The direction lights may or may not be the same (green or red) depending on the orientation of the locomotives in the consist (head to head or tail to tail).

4. Push "mode" Button 2 times

5. The display should now show both locomotive numbers.

6. Press the "+" (plus) button 1 time.

7. The lead locomotive side of the throttle now controls both locomotives.

Note: to disconnect the MU'd locomotives.

Select the numbers (as above) push the "Mode" button 2 times and then the "-"(minus) Button 1 time.

These simplified DT100 operating instructions courtesy of Alan Mitchell

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