KB868: Troubleshooting DS54 Stationary Decoder Problems

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Before sending your Digitrax DS54 stationary decoder in for repair try these steps to see if you can “bring it back from the dead” and save a trip to the shop and possible repair charge.

If you find you need to send in an item for repair, click here For Digitrax Repair Procedures and Information

Are there burn marks on the DS54 decoder?

You'll need to send it in for repair!

Understand CV programming with different throttle

CV values shown are 00 or 000 for decimal and x00 for hex. Read your manual carefully to be sure you are using the appropriate values when programming the DS54.

DT100 & DT200 throttles do not support decimal.

DT300 & DT400 throttles default to decimal but you can toggle between decimal and hex by clicking the right knob. You know you are in hex mode if the display shows the value with an "x" prefix like “x00”. As you click the right hand knob, it toggles the value displayed as hex and decimal.

Reset your DS54 to the default values

If you command station supports CV readback, you can check the CV values programmed but simply reading back CV values does not reset the values. Note: reading CV03-06 will display two different values depending weather the switch is closed or thrown. Closed "default" is 00/x00 for solenoids and 32/x20 for static output. The thrown value is 128/x80 for solenoids and 160/xA0 for static output.






The value                       is the address and is always decimal.(only DT100 and DT200                       use hex for address 100 to 127)


03:00 to                       06:00


Configured                       default value for solenoids. For slow switch-motor                       operation use a value of 32/x20


33:00 to                       40:00 


These                        CVs are used for Input Trigger/Task configuration


41:00 to                       48:00 


These CVs                       are used for Message Type configuration 


49:00 to                       56:00 


These CVs                       are used for Local Route configuration


57:00 to                       72:00 


These CVs                       are used for Cascade Turnout Request Message configuration

Once all of these CVs are reset to the default CV values, the DS54 should operate as a new one out of the box.

If you need to reset your DS54 and know which group of CVs you actually used, a reset of these CVs might be sufficient to recover the DS54. In any case to be absolutely sure, reset them all.

All DS54 CVs, their uses and configuration tables are explained in the DS54 manual.

If you find that you do need to send an item in for repair, click here For Digitrax Repair Procedures and Information

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