KB47: BDL168 - How to Change the Option Switches

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How to read back and change BDL168 Option Switches (OpSw):

Power up your BDL168 and connect it to LocoNet.

Connect a DT series or UT1, UT2 Digitrax throttle to one of the the BDL168's LocoNet connectors. NOTE: The UT4 will not work as its design is different for the original UT series throttles.

Press the switch behind the red option LED for about 1 second, then release it. The red option and green ID LEDs will flash alternately to let you know that you are in option switch setup mode.

Go into SWITCH mode on your throttle. Dial up the switch number that corresponds to the OpSw you want to change and issue a closed "c" or thrown "t" command to set the OpSw to the desired setting. The OpSw is changed as soon as you issue the SWITCH command. See below for instructions for specific Digitrax throttles.

When BDL168 OpSws are set up as desired, press the switch behind the red option LED for about 1 second and release it, the BDL168 will exit option switch set up mode. You can also exit option switch set up mode by turning off the power to the BDL168 and then turning it back on.

  • DT100, DT200 or DT300 series throttle:

    Press MODE/DISP key on the throttle to enter SWITCH mode.

    Use the throttle to read back each OpSw listed in the OpSw Table by dialing it up on the throttle and looking at its setting (

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