KB602: Can I upgrade or update my DT100 throttles?

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Q: I have an older Super Chief system that came with DT100 throttles. They are both shot; one was accidentally pulled apart by an over zealous operator who forgot about the cable length and the other was ruined by me (I'm ashamed to admit) by spilling some super glue on several of the buttons. Can I upgrade to the current throttles or do you recommend I purchase the old DT100 units?

A:  All Digitrax Starter Sets have LocoNet, including your older Chief series unit. This means that you can use any Digitrax throttle past and present.  Both of your damaged DT100 throttles have been out of production for a long time.  Because many of the components used to build them are no longer available, we are not able to repair them.  You have a couple of options:  1.  Look for used units for sale to replace the DT100s if you really like them or 2.  Purchase the latest throttles available and use them with your system. 

We would recommend going with the new throttles since they are much simpler to use and offer more goodies.  If you want to add wireless operation, now might be the time. 

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