KB272: Is the DT 200 compatible with newer sets?

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Is the DT 200 compatible with newer sets?

The DT200 (now discontinued) was supplied with the Digitrax Big Boy starter set.

The Big Boy system consisted of a DB100 configured as a booster, LA1 or LA2 LocoNet Adapter interface, DT200 throttle, and a power supply.

The primary DT200 throttle also acted as the command station.

The Big Boy system had full LocoNet capabilities.

Unlike the Chief, this set depended on the DT200 as part of the of the system, with the throttle acting as the command station for the unit.

With other LocoNet systems, such as Super Chief, it will operate the same as a DT100.

The DT200 is capable of programming and selecting two-digit addresses when used on a Big Boy system.

On other LocoNet systems, it can select two-digit addresses, but cannot do any programming.

Note that on a Big Boy system, only the Master DT200 can do programming.

Other throttles, even if they have programming capability on other systems, cannot do programming on a Big Boy.

For many years, we offered a conversion kit that made the DT200 into a conventional DT100 throttle.

This kit was discontinued 11/26/2002.

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