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The DT400R super throttle gives you direct control of two locos at a time with all the powerful features and flexibility serious model railroaders demand.

The DT400R super throttle is designed to handle nearly every aspect of layout control.

You can run trains and consist, control up to 12 functions such as sound, program decoders, set up and operate routes, and much more.

Discontinued in 2009.

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KB772 DT400 Throttle Overview

The DT400 and DT400R are full function hand held throttles that include 2 independent throttles and a common keypad to control up to 13 functions (0-12), turnouts and programming.The DT400 offers wireless infrared remote operation used in conjunction with a UR90 or UR91 Receiver Unit.  The DT400 requires a 9 volt battery for infrared operation; the DT400 does not require a battery in normal walkaround operation. If you do not install a battery, the throttle display will be off while you are unplugged from the system. The DT400R offers wireless radio remote operation when used in conjunction with a UR91 ...

KB423 DT400/R Tetherless Operation - Programming

Ops mode programming is the only programming method that will work while the DT400R simplex is operating as a radio throttle. If you press the PROG Key to enter programming mode, the DT400R running as tetherless will default to the Po mode (ops mode programming). The DT400R must be connected to LocoNet to use service mode programming and access any of the other programming modes available.

KB310 Throttle Cable Length

Nowhere in your literature do I find the length of the cable for tethered DT throttles. The length is not published because there are variations between each order supplied to us by our vendor. Before the "coily" cords, the cable length was 7 feet. Checking my own DT400 throttle, the coiled cable is 31 inches long "at rest" and 84 inches at its maximum extension. However, it is quite likely that you will have a cable which might be slightly different. The DT400R will have a very short cable, long enough to connect to LocoNet to call up or release ...

KB627 Tower 55 locomotives-Programming a 4-digit address using Digitrax Zephyr Xtra (DCS51) or Zephyr (DCS50)

Note: The programming shortcut for 4-digit addressing outlined in the Digitrax Zephyr manual will not work to program the Tower 55 decoder in any programming mode on the Zeyphr throttle due to a programming timing issue with the DSC50. Please use the procedure referenced in this bulletin to access this feature.Note: If the DCS50 or DCS51 is being used as a command station with a DT400/DT400R throttle connected via the Loconet ports, then the programming shortcut for 4-digit addressing outlined in the DT400/DT400R throttle manual will work to enable the 4-digit address capability of the decoder when using the DT400/DT400R throttle ...

KB429 DT400/R Tetherless Operation - Overview

DT400R is a radio equipped throttle. To use your DT400R as a radio throttle, you will need to install a radio receiver on your layout. All DT400s are “InfraReady.” This means that your DT400 comes with IR LEDs that will send infrared signals to the layout. To use this InfraReady capability, you just need to install one or more infrared receivers on your layout. A 9 volt battery must be used to power the DT400/R for tetherless operation. Using DT400/R as a tetherless throttle is easy: 1. For Infrared operation, plug in at least one Digitrax IR receiver (UR90 or ...

KB119 UT4R - InfraRed Operation

Will the UT4R operate on an Infrared System also as well as a radio frequency? Yes, the UT4R & DT400R will operate on IR systems as well as radio systems.

KB214 UT4 - Throttle ID?

Can the UT4 or UT4R be set to have its own unique throttle ID like the DT300/DT300R and DT400/DT400R? There are several uses for this functionality, including it being useful when looking at logs of LocoNet traffic from PanelPro/DecoderPro when trying to diagnose problems and identify potentially faulty throttles. This from A. J.: Each UT4 has a unique ID programmed as serialization at manufacture, and is distinguishable from DT400's etc. The UT4 has values of EX1 as {x74/x75} in the LocoNet messages with EX2 equal to the unit factory serial number.

KB444 Customizing the DT400 Option #2 - Tetherless Operation Mode

Each DT400 can be set up with radio capability and/or infrared capability enabled, all tetherless operation disabled and power save enabled or disabled. DT400 is shipped with IR only enabled and DT400R is shipped with Radio & IR enabled

KB775 DT400 Controls, Buttons and Knobs

The DT400 and DT400R are full function hand held throttles that include 2 independent throttles and a common keypad to control, up to 13 functions (0-12), turnouts and programming.

KB21 Differences Between Simplex & Duplex Radio Operations

What is the difference between Simplex and Duplex wireless operations and what are the advantages of each?The Digitrax DT400R, DT402R and UT4R throttles operate at the 916.5Mhz radio frequency.  These throttles both use the UR91 for radio communication.  The DT402D and UT4D operate at 2.4Ghz.  They require the UR92 for radio communication. The move to Duplex is meant to improve radio operations and add radio range.  Simplex (UR91) and Duplex (UR92) can operate on the same layout without any issues or interference with each otherWith duplex radio: You’ll select and run your locomotives without plugging in.   You'll dispatch locomotives ...

KB158 UR91 Discussion

Here at the Tech Support Depot, it has been our goal to improve operators' understanding of the Digitrax system of model railroad command control. We often see thoughtful words from others who are not employed by Digitrax that still have an in-depth understanding of the product line. Here, Doug Stuard talks about the UR91; these words originally appeared on the Yahoo Groups Digitrax discussion list, and are used here with his kind permission. UR91 and Throttle Antenna The UR91 antenna is the pair of 3" wires that sprout from the PC board that are arranged in a "V" similar to ...

KB16 Which Throttle works with which Universal Panel, UR90(IR), UR91(Simplex Radio), UR92 (Duplex Radio), or UR93 (Duplex Radio)?

The following chart indicates: Which Digitrax throttle (DT400, DT400R, DT402, DT402R, DT402D, DT500, DT500D, DT602, DT602D, UT4, UT4R, UT4D, UT6 & UT6D) Works with which LocoNet interface throttle panel (Universal Panel-UP3/UP5/UP7, UR90, UR91, UR92, and UR93) Under which types of communication (Tethered, IR Mode, Simplex Radio, or Duplex Radio). Throttle Interface Chart Throttle UP Panel Tethered UR90 Tethered UR90 IR Mode UR91 Tethered UR91 IR Mode UR91 Simplex Radio UR92 Tethered UR92 IR Mode UR92 Duplex Radio UR93 Duplex Radio DT400 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No DT400R Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ...

KB45 Duplex Radio, Simplex Radio & Infrared-How do they work together?

The ability of a variety Digitrax throttles to work together on layout equipped with a variety of wireless technologies is part of the beauty of LocoNet.  With LocoNet, it is simple to add components to the system and have all of them work together. Digitrax infrared throttles will operate on any layout equipped with UR90 infrared receivers, UR91 simplex receivers and/or UR92 duplex transceivers.  All of these panels are equipped with infrared receivers.  All current model Digitrax throttles have infrared emitters that will work wirelessly with any panel that has an infrared receiver.  All current Digitrax throttles can also be used ...

KB913 Adding Radio or IR

Adding duplex radio, infrared or simplex radio to your existing Digitrax system is simple because of LocoNet.InfraRedYou probably already own a DT300, DT400, UT4 or DT402 series throttle. All of these are "InfraReady." These all come with two IR emitters pre-installed. All you have to add for IR operation is one or more UR90 Infrared Receivers to your layout. Most layouts require multiple UR90s because the infrared signal is line of sight. This means that your receiver will need a sight path to the throttles.Simplex RadioDigitrax throttles with an "R" at the end of the part number are simplex radio ...

KB313 250 Square Feet Layout

  I have an "M" shaped 250 square foot layout with 500 feet of track and twelve locomotives. What Digitrax equipment would I need? You don't say what scale this railroad will be modeled in, which is important since the locomotives in smaller scales draw less current than larger decoders. However, for purposes of estimation: Twelve Locomotives. Each locomotive is going to draw, at the very least, 5 MA for the decoder. If it has LED lights, then it will typically draw 15 MA more; conventional light bulbs will draw 50 MA. A typical H0 locomotive will draw 600 MA ...

KB72 Cajon Pass, Salt Lake & Santa Fe RR

I am putting the finishing touches on my 10 x 20 foot H0 railroad. It is a copy of the Cajon Pass, Salt Lake & Santa Fe RR by John Armstrong (#86 in the 101 Track Plans by Linn Westcott) [Kalmbach Publishing, ISBN 0-89024-512-6; still in print]. I have decided to go with DCC and my local hobby store recommended Digitrax. The layout is in my basement, I will be the only operator, the plan has 54 track switches (34 NJ International twin coils and 20 Tortoise turnout motors). Can you give me an idea as to what equipment I ...

KB987 General Command System Troubleshooting and Tools

This article stops in a strange place??  We need to find the rest of it and split it up into meaningful chunks.  Also needs meta stuff Troubleshooting in General:Regardless of the guides, manuals, tips, suggestions, experts or whatever, troubleshooting can occasionally degenerate into a vast chasm of darkness and confusion.  It would be impossible to cover all the areas that have, can or may cause problems. This is a general guide to identifying and resolving problems with Digitrax Complete Train Control.  Keep Good Records:Although it may seem to be a pain while setting up your Digitrax system, keeping layout records ...