KB772: DT400 Throttle Overview

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The DT400 and DT400R are full function hand held throttles that include 2 independent throttles and a common keypad to control up to 13 functions (0-12), turnouts and programming.

The DT400 offers wireless infrared remote operation used in conjunction with a UR90 or UR91 Receiver Unit.  The DT400 requires a 9 volt battery for infrared operation; the DT400 does not require a battery in normal walkaround operation. If you do not install a battery, the throttle display will be off while you are unplugged from the system.

The DT400R offers wireless radio remote operation when used in conjunction with a UR91 Receiver Unit.  The DT400R requires a 9 volt battery for radio operation.  The DT400R is a "simplex" radio throttle, and it must be connected to LocoNet initially when acquiring a new locomotive.  Once the locomotive is acquired, the throttle can be disconnected from LocoNet and operations continue.

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