KB429: DT400/R Tetherless Operation - Overview

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DT400R is a radio equipped throttle.

To use your DT400R as a radio throttle, you will need to install a radio receiver on your layout.

All DT400s are “InfraReady.”

This means that your DT400 comes with IR LEDs that will send infrared signals to the layout.

To use this InfraReady capability, you just need to install one or more infrared receivers on your layout.

A 9 volt battery must be used to power the DT400/R for tetherless operation.

Using DT400/R as a tetherless throttle is easy:

For Infrared operation, plug in at least one Digitrax IR receiver (UR90 or UR91) to your working LocoNet.

Because infrared signals are line of sight, more than one receiver may be necessary for optimal performance in your layout room.

See the related articles for more information about installing UR90 and/or UR91s on your layout.

For Radio operation, plug in at least one Digitrax Radio receiver UR91 to your working LocoNet.

Most layouts only need one UR91.

Install a 9 volt battery in your DT400/R.

See related article for battery installation information.

Plug your DT400/R in to LocoNet and it will verify that at least one infrared and/or radio receiver is connected to LocoNet.

The throttle will display either rA or Ir (depending on whether it finds an infrared or radio receiver first) followed by the current LocoNet ID.

This example shows that the DT400/R has detected a radio receiver and that the current LocoNet ID is 01.

The throttle has loco addresses 03 & 1280 selected.
5. The DT400/R will use the LocoNet ID of the LocoNet it was plugged in to and will begin to operate as an IR throttle when you unplug it from LocoNet.

When you unplug from LocoNet, the tetherless indicator will come on and the tetherless message will display for a few seconds indicating whether the throttle is running as Ir (infrared) or rA (radio).

It will also display the LocoNet ID that the throttle is logged on to.

When you single click or turn either throttle knob to activate it, the DT400 will show the normal operating mode Fn display with the tetherless indicator lit. Example:
If an untethered DT400/R, operating as a tetherless throttle, detects no user throttle activity for about 3 minutes it will enter power save mode. The display will show:
The throttle may flash the normal Fn Mode screen about every 60 seconds.

This happens when the throttle “pings” the system to let the command station know that it is still part of the system.

This keeps the system from releasing that locomotive back to the system and making it available to be selected by another throttle.

Press and hold the PWR button to bring the throttle out of power save mode without making any changes to throttle settings.

Any key strokes or movement of the throttle knobs will also bring the DT400/R out of power save and return to the normal Fn mode screen.

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