KB21: Differences Between Simplex & Duplex Radio Operations

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What is the difference between Simplex and Duplex wireless operations and what are the advantages of each?

The Digitrax DT400R, DT402R and UT4R throttles operate at the 916.5Mhz radio frequency.  These throttles both use the UR91 for radio communication.  The DT402D and UT4D operate at 2.4Ghz.  They require the UR92 for radio communication. The move to Duplex is meant to improve radio operations and add radio range.  Simplex (UR91) and Duplex (UR92) can operate on the same layout without any issues or interference with each other

With duplex radio:

  • You’ll select and run your locomotives without plugging in.


  • You'll dispatch locomotives and consists without plugging in.


  • You’ll do operations mode programming without plugging in.


  • You’ll have plenty of range to move around.


  • You’ll be able to continue to use existing equipment along with duplex radio.


  • You’ll have a full duplex link to control your layout and receive feedback, too.

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