KB320 DCS100 - Net Indicator

The NET indicator is a red LED that displays information about what the DCS100 sees on LocoNet. When your layout is wired correctly and LocoNet is operating properly, the NET indicator will be on and it will flicker off any time a good LocoNet message is detected by the DCS100. The table below explains the patterns you will see for this indicator.

KB324 DCS100 - Off Line Indicator

The DCS100 automatically shuts down when the heat sink temperature rises to around 45 to 50 degrees Celsius and the OFF LINE indicator will glow red. The DCS100 automatically resumes operation when the heat sink cools down to approximately 40 degrees Celsius. The OFF LINE indicator will also be lit when there is no track status. This is normal and you should not be alarmed.

KB325 DCS100 - Track Status Indicator

The TRACK STATUS indicator shows that there is voltage on RAIL A & RAIL B terminals. The color indicates the type of signal:  If it is orange the track is getting DCC signals with no analog zero stretching.  If the color is green or red then a stretched zero signal is being used to operate a conventional locomotive. When zero stretching is present, the DCC decoder equipped locomotives will read their digital commands normally and perform as commanded. If the Track Status LED is not lit there is no voltage on the track, the track power to the DCS100 may ...

KB373 LNRP - Installation & Operation

Installation: Figure 1 shows the general arrangement for connecting one or more LNRP's to configure a LocoNet based system for operation. Note that the LNRP's drive the power and Railsync signals on the "standard" LocoNet cable segments, so each LNRP should have a DC input of +15V to +18V at up to 250mA supplied on the side DC power jack. Note that the shaded cable connections are made from the protected network side connections of the LNRP units to the components that are on the "protected" or high reliability part of the System. The other solid cable connections are the ...

KB503 DB150 Power On LED Diagnostic Indications

Digitrax DB150 Command Station/Booster Power On LED Diagnostic BlinkingSteady on = DB150 is operating as a Command Station/Booster 1/2 sec on / 1/2 sec off = DB150 is operating as a Booster only 1 sec on / 1 sec off = DB150 is in Option (OP) mode, the Option switch is in the OPTN position 2 sec on / 2 sec off = DB150 is in Sleep mode, the Option switch is in Sleep mode Fast pulsing = DB150 is in Program Mode, the Option Switch is in PROG mode. Commands sent in this mode will program decoders that are ...

KB319 DCS100 - CONFIG Indicator

The green CONFIG Indicator shows the primary operating mode of the DCS100. This indicator should be steady green blinking off briefly once every 4 seconds. This indicates that the setting for DCS100 Option Switch 05 is set up correctly. If you see 8 blinks every 4 seconds then we recommend that you change the DCS100 Option Switch 05 to closed. The DCS100 will operate correctly in either case. The CONFIG Indicator will be mainly off when DCS100 option switch 01 is incorrectly set to closed. In this case you must change option switch 01 to thrown for correct operation.