KB503: DB150 Power On LED Diagnostic Indications

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Digitrax DB150 Command Station/Booster Power On LED Diagnostic Blinking

Steady on = DB150 is operating as a Command Station/Booster
1/2 sec on / 1/2 sec off = DB150 is operating as a Booster only
1 sec on / 1 sec off = DB150 is in Option (OP) mode, the Option switch is in the OPTN position
2 sec on / 2 sec off = DB150 is in Sleep mode, the Option switch is in Sleep mode
Fast pulsing = DB150 is in Program Mode, the Option Switch is in PROG mode. Commands sent in this mode will program decoders that are on the connected track section.
Off 4 sec then blinks = Count the blinks after the 4 second off period to determine fault code.

1 blink Short Circuit

2 blinks Over temperature failure

3 blinks Loss of packets failure

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