Universal Panel, IR & Radio Receivers

These products are retired, and are no longer available.
LNRP LocoNet Repeater Module

The LNRP LocoNet Repeater Module Isolates and Protects LocoNet Layouts, it allows for greater expansion of the LocoNet system on large installations. The LNRP allows "protected" sections of LocoNet to continue functioning even when a fault occurs elsewhere, the LNRP automatically reconnects the faulty section once the issue is resolved.

UR91 Simplex Radio Equipped/IR Receiver Panel

UR91 is the Simplex Radio/IR receiver front panel that lets you plug in to select your loco and unplug to run wirelessly with any Simplex Radio Equipped "R" throttle. Also equipped with an IR receiver the the UR91 also allows you to go wireless with your Digitrax InfraReady throttles.

UP1 Universal Panel, RJ12, 5 Pin Din & 1/4" Stereo Plug

Early Digitrax Universal Panel makes hookup, maintenance and troubleshooting of your LocoNet network system simple. The UP1 provides 2 RJ12 Plugs, One 1/4" stereo jack, and one 5pin DIN connector. The UP1 has indicator LEDs that show activity on the LocoNet network & monitor the power state of a local track section. Retired in 2000

UP2 Universal Panel

Digitrax Universal Panels make hookup, maintenance and troubleshooting of your LocoNetĀ® network system simple. The UP2 features two 1/4" stereo Jacks on the front and two standard RJ12 LocoNet connectors on the back. Retired in 2005

UP3 Universal Panel

Add more connections to your LocoNet system. UP5 Simplifies hook-up, maintenance & troubleshooting of LocoNet, add a few to make traditional tethered walk-around operation a snap. Retired in 2005