Stationary Decoders

These products are retired, and are no longer available.
DS64 Quad Stationary Decoder

The DS64 Stationary Decoder allows you to install and operate your turnouts directly through any DCC system that has turnout control. The DS64 works with a wide selection of hardware. From solenoid turnout machines to slow motion motors, the DS64 hasn’t met a turnout it doesn’t like. This affordable, easy to install decoder will add another dimension to your operations.

DM1 DC Motor Adapter For Use with DS54

The DM-1 is an inline adapter designed to modify any DS54 output to provide the bi-polar drive current needed to run reversible DC motors, solenoid switches (like Kato & LGB turnouts), lamps and other similar devices that draw up to 1/2 amp. Just plug the DM-1 into any DS54 output and the DM-1 socket will provide a bipolar drive rated at 500MA continuous and 1 amp surge. Retired in 2007

DS54 Quad Stationary Decoder with Programmable LocoNet Inputs & Outputs

Quad Stationary Decoder for Digital Command Control with Programmable LocoNet Inputs & Outputs Retired in 2007