KB712 UT4 - Forward Brake Reverse Switch

Changing the Direction switch on the top left hand side of the UT4 from Forward (F) to the center Brake (B) position causes the loco to stop at the locomotive’s programmed deceleration rate. Changing quickly from ‘F’ to ‘R’ (Reverse) causes the loco to stop at the programmed deceleration rate, then reverse direction and accelerate at the locomotive’s programmed acceleration rate.

KB367 DT400 - Erratic Behavior

I have a DCS100. I do not understand why my DT400's speed increases (all the way up to 99) sometimes when I plug it in. Also, sometimes the Loco number (when selected when this is taking place) will increase too. There is no control enabled when this is taking place. If I plug in a DT100 it operates normally. One of the buttons on the DT400 may be stuck, leading to this behavior. Take a look at the control panel of the DT400 and you will probably see this stuck button since it will not be in a fully returned ...

KB432 DT400 - Nothing is responding

Is track power turned on? Is your throttle in Idle or stopped and displaying a flashing track power indicator in the LCD? Press the PWR Key followed by the Y+ Key . You should see the track power indicator on the DT400 come on solid.

KB593 Throttle Knob-Not Responding

Q:  I have three engines lashed together. The sound is coming through . However when I turn the knob there is no response. The engine in the window is blinking and there are two stationary dots above A:  If you are using a DT300 series or DT400 series throttle, make sure that the Track Status Indicator dot in the upper right of the display just below the right throttle knob is on solid.  If it is not on at all Track Power is OFF.  If it is blinking, Track Status is in Idle and the throttle knobls will not move the locos.  To ...

KB243 UT4 Throttles Overview

The UT4 series, UT4, UT4D & UT4R are "traditional" style throttles.  The UT4s were developed from a specification submitted by Digitras users through the Digitrax Yahoo group. These throttles were designed by operators for operators.  They are also great for beginners because of their intuitive controls and reduced feature set. By not offering all the bells and whistles, beginners can run your railroad without accidentally changing settings that might cause problems.   Works with any LocoNet compatible system   4-Digit addressing   Functions F0 - F12 for lighting and sound decoder operation   Direction switch with center brake position   ...

KB412 Battery Compartment Cover

If you break or lose the battery cover for your DT500 series, DT402 series, DT400 series, DT300 series,DT100 series, or UT series you will need a replacement cover.   With these throttles being discontinued, we no longer have any battery covers availabe.  Serpac produces the throttle case we used.  You can order a case through them or other big box electronics warehouses.