KB243: UT4 Throttles Overview

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  • The UT4 series, UT4, UT4D & UT4R are "traditional" style throttles
  • The UT4s were developed from a specification submitted by Digitras users through the Digitrax Yahoo group.
  • These throttles were designed by operators for operators. 
  • They are also great for beginners because of their intuitive controls and reduced feature set.
  • By not offering all the bells and whistles, beginners can run your railroad without accidentally changing settings that might cause problems.


  • Works with any LocoNet compatible system


  • 4-Digit addressing


  • Functions F0 - F12 for lighting and sound decoder operation


  • Direction switch with center brake position


  • Large knob for precise control


  • Automatic selection and Speed matching features


  • UT4 does not handle programming or turnout control

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