KB593: Throttle Knob-Not Responding

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Q:  I have three engines lashed together. The sound is coming through . However when I turn the knob there is no response. The engine in the window is blinking and there are two stationary dots above

A:  If you are using a DT300 series or DT400 series throttle, make sure that the Track Status Indicator dot in the upper right of the display just below the right throttle knob is on solid.  If it is not on at all Track Power is OFF.  If it is blinking, Track Status is in Idle and the throttle knobls will not move the locos.  To cycle throught the three track power states, get "+On -Off" in the display and on DT400 quickly press the "Y/+" key until the Track Status Indicator dot is on solid; on the DT300 press and hold down the "Stop" key and press the "+" key until the dot is solid then release both keys.  The throttle knob should respond when the Track Status Indicator is on solid.

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