KB24 DT402 & DT402R - Safety Selection of Locomotive Address

Selecting a locomotive-Safety Selection While unplugged, the DT402 (IR only) and DT402R (IR and Simplex Radio) operate as one-way transmitters. The DT402 and DT402R must be plugged into LocoNet to select an available locomotive address. After an address is selected, you can unplug from LocoNet and run the selected addresses with infrared or simplex radio. The throttle will automatically convert to infrared or simplex radio operation for all speed, direction, function, operations mode programming, and switch commands. The DT402D throttle has full duplex radio capabilities. Once the 402D has been configured to communicate with a UR92, the full functionality of ...

KB564 DT402 or DT400 Series Throttle -Select a Locomotive Address to Run

Selecting a locomotive address to run on your DT4001. Place the locomotive you want to run on the track.  Turn the throttle knob you want to run a loco on slightly counter clock-wise letting the controller know you want to address that side. 2. Press the "LOCO" key 3. Select the address of the loco by entering it using the numeric key pad.,4. Press the "LOCO" key to complete address selection.

KB738 DT402 & DT400 Series Throttles - The SEL Message & Selecting An Address

DT402 & DT400 Selecting and Running A Locomotive If a throttle knob does not have a locomotive selected when you make it active by turning or pressing the L or R Throttle knob or Reverse Key, flashing “SEL” will appear in place of the locomotive address in the LCD display. This is a prompt for you to select a locomotive on that throttle. 1. Choose which Throttle (L or R) you want to use to run a locomotive.Make it the active throttle by turning it a 1/4 turn in either direction or by single clicking the throttle knob. If there ...

KB260 DT100 Locomotive Selection

ENGINE SELECTIONPlace locomotive on the tracks controlled by the command station.1. Turn the throttle knob you want to run a loco on about a quarter turn (this lets the controller know you want to address that side.)2. Push the "Sel" Button3. Turn the throttle knob you have selected until the left numbers of the display match the locomotive number you wish to run. (No decoder = 00)4. Push "Sel" again.5. Repeat for the other throttle.If the number "33" appears it means that locomotive is unavailable (usually under the control of another throttle)These simplified DT100 operating instructions courtesy of Alan Mitchell

KB87 DT400 series Loco Key

The LOCO Key is used for selecting loco addresses on to the throttles so that the address is controlled by the throttle. Sometimes people call this “assigning locos to throttles.” DT100, DT200, & DT300 series throttles used the SEL or SET/SEL Keys for this throttle task.