KB24: DT402 & DT402R - Safety Selection of Locomotive Address

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Selecting a locomotive-Safety Selection

While unplugged, the DT402 (IR only) and DT402R (IR and Simplex Radio) operate as one-way transmitters.

The DT402 and DT402R must be plugged into LocoNet to select an available locomotive address.

After an address is selected, you can unplug from LocoNet and run the selected addresses with infrared or simplex radio.

The throttle will automatically convert to infrared or simplex radio operation for all speed, direction, function, operations mode programming, and switch commands.

The DT402D throttle has full duplex radio capabilities.

Once the 402D has been configured to communicate with a UR92, the full functionality of the 402 series throttles can be enjoyed without plugging in.

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