KB738: DT402 & DT400 Series Throttles - The SEL Message & Selecting An Address

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DT402 & DT400 Selecting and Running A Locomotive

If a throttle knob does not have a locomotive selected when you make it active by turning or pressing the L or R Throttle knob or Reverse Key, flashing “SEL” will appear in place of the locomotive address in the LCD display. This is a prompt for you to select a locomotive on that throttle.

1. Choose which Throttle (L or R) you want to use to run a locomotive.

Make it the active throttle by turning it a 1/4 turn in either direction or by single clicking the throttle knob. If there is an address selected to the throttle, the smoke icon will be blinking.

2. Press the LOCO Key .  The active throttle display will begin flashing the Loco Icon, the last loco address selected on the throttle and the Lo mode indicator. The Text Area of the display will show the status of the last loco address selected (usually “stat 128” for Digitrax decoders).

 “Sel Locowill be displayed in the Text Area if no loco address was previously selected.

3. To select a 4 digit address,  use the numeric keypad to key in the address of the loco you want to run OR use the L Throttle knob to dial up the first two digits (1000s & 100s) of the address you want to select and use the R throttle knob to dial up the last two digits (10s & 1s) of the address you want to select.

Alternately, you can use just the R Throttle knob to browse from address 00(analog) to 01-127(2 digit addresses) to 0128-9983(4 digit addresses).

NOTE: When you enter a four digit address from the key pad, the display will show the address as a two digit address and then a four digit address as you enter the numbers. For example, when you enter address 5786, you will see the following sequence of displays:

4. To select a 2 digit address, use the keypad to enter the address of the loco you want to run OR turn the L throttle knob counterclockwise until you see 00 appear in the display, then use the R throttle knob to dial up a 2 digit address between 00 & 127.

5. As you browse through addresses, the LCD will display current information for each address including current speed on the bar graph, current status in the Text Area, active functions on the top line of the LCD. The Loco icon will blink if the loco address is selectable and will be steady if the loco is selected on another throttle.

6. Once the address you want to select is displayed, press the LOCO Key once again to select this address on the active throttle. Pressing the ENTER Key or single clicking the throttle knob will also select the address shown in the display. The LCD screen will show the locomotive’s address, speed information & functions on/off for the loco you just selected.

7. The loco icon will appear in the display with a direction arrow and blinking smoke. The blinking smoke indicates which side of the throttle is active (is displaying function information on the top line of the LCD).

8. Use the active throttle knob to run the DCC equipped locomotive on the address you selected. As the % speed value displayed in the left side of the LCD increases, the locomotive on the track will begin to move. Press the Reverse Key associated with the active throttle to reverse the direction of the locomotive.

Note: Double clicking the active throttle knob will have the same effect as the Reverse Key.

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