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5 Glossary Terms starting with o

Word Description
Occupancy Detector A device that senses the presence of rolling stock on a section of track and provides feedback to the system.
Ohm(s) The unit of measure of electrical resistance.
Operating Current The current draw, stated in amps, used by a loco, including its motor, lights and other accessories when operating continuously under normal conditions at full load. This measurement is important for determining which decoder to install in the loco.
Operating Mode 14 or 28/128 speed steps. See also, Speed Steps, Standard Mode, Advanced Mode & 128 Speed Step Mode.
Operations (OPS) Mode Programming Lets you program CV's in DCC locos equipped with EPF decoders while they are on the mainline. A typical use for ops mode programming would be to change the acceleration rate (CV03) or the deceleration rate (CV04) of your locos to simulate the weight and braking characteristics of the train to compensate for changing the number of cars and power units in the train.