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8 Glossary Terms starting with n

Word Description
Nested Consist A consist that is part of another consist. Digitrax systems can handle nested consisting.
Nested Route A route that is part of another route. Digitrax systems can handle nested routes.
New (Loco Status) DCC locomotive that has not been addressed by the system. A new loco is selectable by throttles on LocoNet and is not refreshed.
NMRA National Model Railroad Association. An organization of hobbyists based in the United States with members around the world.
Non-Power Routing Turnout A turnout where throwing the turnout does not change the rail polarity. Also called all live turnouts.
Non-Retriggerable A stationary decoder function cell is non-retriggerable if it must complete its current output action before accepting a new input.
Normal Direction of Travel The direction a decoder recognizes as the forward direction when the throttle is set for forward motion. Some decoders can be set up so that either long hood forward or short hood forward is the normal direction of travel depending on what the prototype practice was for that particular locomotive.
Ntrak A widely used Standard for N scale modular layouts.