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5 Glossary Terms starting with i

Word Description
Idle (Loco Status) DCC locomotive that has been addressed by the system previously, is currently selectable by a throttle on LocoNet, and is not being refreshed.
Indexing The process by which a turntable bridge is aligned with approach or stall tracks. This process can be automated by using DCC decoders.
Indication The meaning given to a particular signal aspect.
Interoperability One of the most important features available in a command control system. Interoperability means that you can use your DCC compatible equipment with other DCC compatible equipment made by different manufacturers.
In-Use (Loco Status) DCC locomotive that is currently under the control of a throttle connected to LocoNet. An in-use loco is having its data refreshed by the command station and is not selectable by other throttles on LocoNet. The exception to this is if a throttle "steals" an in-use loco.