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7 Glossary Terms starting with l

Word Description
LAN Local Area Network.
LCD Liquid crystal display. Digitrax throttles with displays use LCDs.
LED Light emitting diode. Many locomotives use LEDs for headlamps and other loco lighting. They do not generate any heat but their lighting characteristics are not as "crisp" as incandescent bulbs.
Loadable Speed Table Use CV65 through CV95 to define each discrete speed step in a 28 speed step curve. This feature allows you to customize a loco's performance curve and makes speed matching of locomotives possible. With this feature you can limit the top speed of a loco. Once you have programmed CV65 through CV95 to set up the table, you will also need to set up CV29 to enable it. This allows you to enable and disable the table at will and to keep the table stored even when it is not in use. Digitrax FX & 4th generation decoders go one step further and give you 128 speed step resolution with loadable speed tables.
Local Route The operation of a number of function cells within a single stationary decoder independent from the command station.
LocoNet LocoNet is Digitrax's method of communication between LocoNet compatible devices on a model railroad layout. LocoNet Compatible devices are designed to work together on the network, and in some cases can also accept DCC commands from the track, but often go beyond the scope of simple DCC train control. LocoNet is a peer-to-peer Ethernet type multiple access network. Because of its design architecture, it is very robust and powerful. Layout implementation is simple and wiring is free form with minimal limits.
Long Address 14 bit address, extended packet format address.