DH83FX 2 Amp HO Scale Mobile Decoder

This product has been replaced by the 3 Amp DCC Mobile Decoder (DG380L) and is no longer available. Click here to view the DG380L.

2 Amp Digital Command Control Mobile Decoder featuring 4 FX functions.

These decoders are no longer repairable.

Retired in 1998

  • 2.0 Amp (4.0 Amp Peak) Mobile DCC Decoder
  • Compatible with the baseline NMRA DCC Standard
  • Supports Both Short (127) & Long (10,000) Address Modes
  • User Programmable Address, Acceleration, Deceleration,
  • Start-voltage & Mid-point voltage and more
  • Programmable from DCC compatible equipment without opening the loco
  • Smooth conversion to analog operation with functions operational
  • 4 User Configurable, Independent Function Leads Rated at 200ma
  • Use These as Regular Function Leads or Generate Special Lighting Effects
  • Choose from Mars, Gyralite, Single or Double Strobe, Ditch Lights
  • Rotary Beacon, Random Flicker, Rule 17 and more!
  • 1 Additional Regular Function Lead Rated at 200 ma
  • Smooth locomotive speed control with user selectable
  • 14, 28, or 128 forward & reverse speed step capabilities
  • User loadable speed tables for customized speed control with 128 speed step resolution
  • Supports Basic, Advanced & UniVersal Consisting
  • User configurable loco direction of travel, you decide which way is forward without rewiring the motor!
  • Heavy duty motor drive output. Active short circuit protection
  • Automatic thermal overload shutdown
  • Complies with FCC Part 15, class B RFI requirements


Current Rating-Motor
2.0/4.0 Amps
0.67” x 1.2” x 0.25” (17.02 mm x 30.48 mm x 6.35 mm)
Wired (read more)

Decoders with wires provided for hooking up the decoder in the locomotive.  If wires are not provided for hooking up functions, solder pads are provided to allow you to access those functions by adding wires. 

Digitrax Mobile Decoder Wire Colors

What the wires are for

Wire Color

Power Pick-up Right   (Engineer's Side)


Power Pick-up Left   (Fireman's Side)


Motor + Right Brush


Motor – Left Brush


F0(Fwd)-Forward Light


F0(Rev)-Reverse Light


Lamp Common


F1-Function 1


F2-Function 2


F3-Function 3


F4-Function 4

White w/ Yellow   Stripe

F5-Function 5

White w/ Green Stripe

F6-Function 6

White w/ Blue Stripe

Note: DH82 & DN92 decoders, some of the very first decoders produced by Digitrax used a different wiring color code.  Please check decoder spec sheets for the wire colors that were used with these decoders.

Function Outputs
5 - 200mA
Function Type
4-FX 1- Standard
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