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2 Amp Digital Command Control Mobile Decoder featuring 4 FX functions.

These decoders are no longer repairable

Retired in 1998

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KB871 Keller SU1990 Sound Unit with Digitrax Decoders

You can easily control sound units like the Keller SU1990 by using the function leads on Digitrax Decoders and DCC command station that can control decoder functions. These instructions for connecting a Keller Engineering Diesel Sound unit to Digitrax DH83FX & DH140 series decoders was writtne many years ago.  Any modern Digitrax decoder with 4 function leads can be used. Equipment Needed:1) A Digitrax Throttle, Booster/Command Station or other DCC command station capable of controlling decoder function outputs.2) Any Digitrax decoder with at least 4 function leads will work here.3) The locomotive you wish to convert, be sure to check the ...

KB467 Athearn DD40 HO Decoder Install with Two Motors

Q: I have a late 70's or early 80's Athearn EMD DD40. An article on Wiring For DCC suggested a DH83FX - 2amp decoder for Athearn "Covered Wagons." The pictures look like the inside of my loco except the DD40 has twin motors with joined drive shafts. In researching your site, I realize that the DH83FX is no longer manufactured, but I was led to the DH163AT as the current replacement. Will this work? I have some other Athearn SD40 units, same vintage, but single motors. Is this the correct decoder for them? A: The "AT" in the decoder name ...