Computer Control

These products are retired, and are no longer available.
PR3 SoundFX USB Decoder Programmer

The PR3 lets SoundFX users download new Project sound files and even reflash the sound decoder's firmware for latest updates. It also acts as a computer interface and LocoNet Translator for your PC. The PR3 is the most economical computer Interface we offer, it has all the functionality of a PR2 and a MS100 combined in one. Finally it functions on the more modern USB 2.0 interface making it easier to connect and more friendly to newer PCs.

PR1 Computer Decoder Programmer-Serial

The Simplest Way to Program Your Digitrax Decoders Yet: Digitrax PR1 Decoder Programmer and your PC! The PR1 is a low cost IBM PC-based Advanced Programmer developed by Digitrax to give you a more convenient (and less cryptic) method of programming decoders. Retired in 2006