Power Supplies

PS615 90W AC/DC 15VDC 6 Amp Power Supply

PS615 90W AC/DC 15VDC 6 amp power supply for use with all Digitrax Command Stations and Boosters operating at 5 amps.

PS314 Zephyr Xtra Power Supply (not sold separately)

The PS314 power supply is only available with Zephyr Xtra Starter Sets. It is the only power supply that should be used with a Zephyr Starter set. It is not sold separately.

PS2012 20 Amp Power Supply 12 to 23 VDC

Regulated power supply delivers more power with less heat for more efficient booster operation. Operate up to 4 Five amp boosters with the PS2012 supply.

PSYC52 YC52 ‘Y’ Cable

Dual Current, Protected Splitter Cable. For use wth PS2012 power supply.

PS14 AC/DC Adapter 14V DC 300ma

The PS14 is a 300ma, 14 Volt power supply for powering Digitrax accessories like the UP5, BDL168, DS64, SE8C, LNRP, UR90, UR91, UR92 and others