KB225 Zephyr - Will the DCS50 support a fast clock?

Will the Zephyr support a fast clock? Yes. Because Zephyr is fully equipped with LocoNet, it will work with LocoNet based fast clocks.

KB456 DT402 & DT400 - Fast Clock Operation

Many operators use a fast clock during operating sessions to simulate prototypical operations. Traditionally, the fast clock is on the wall in view of the train operators; it is set up to run at a faster than real time so that an operating session can simulate prototypical operation on a compressed time scale. LocoNet has its own networked fast clock for all Digitrax throttles connected to your system. The fast clock display is a 4 digit 12 or 24 Hour format clock. To display the fast clock simply press the CLOC c Key. The fast clock display will remain active while ...

KB745 DT402 & DT400 Series Throttle CLOC, "c" Key-Clock Display or closed

The CLOC, "c" Key is used to toggle between displaying and not displaying the current fast clock time. It is also used to issue c (closed) commands when the throttle is in Switch mode.In the case of turnout control:c=closed, when a "c" command is sent, the turnout is set for the main line with routing through the straight leg of the turnout.

KB428 DT400/R - Tetherless Operation, Fast Clock Caution

Fast clock caution: If you use power save mode, the DT400/R’s local fast clock copy will deviate from the LocoNet system clock. The fast clock will re-synchronize with your LocoNet system fast clock when it is plugged in again.

KB750 DT402 & DT400 Series Throttle EDIT Key

The EDIT Key is used to enter the Edit Mode for editing the fast clock, routes, signaling, etc. It is also used to status edit decoders while in locomotive address selection mode.