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The PM4 can control 4 independent power sub-districts that can each be set up as either a "Short Circuit Manager"
(default) or an "Auto-Reversing Controller." A separate booster can power each of these sub-districts or multiple
boosters can power any combination.

Retired in 2002

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KB977 PM42/PM4 Differences

What's the difference between the PM42 and the PM4?The PM42 is an improved version of the PM4. We added 2 faster short circuit detection sensitivity settings and revamped the manual. Get the benefits of short circuit management and auto reversing without adding more boosters! PM42 Quad Power Manager lets you use a single booster and divide its output into 4 power sub-districts for automatic reversing &/or to improve operation by preempting booster shutdown when a short circuit is detected by the PM42. If you want to improve operation but don't need the added power (or expense) of adding a booster, ...

PM42 UPGRADE PM4 to PM42 Upgrade kit (Product Support Page)
PM4 to PM42 Upgrade kit

Current PM4 users can upgrade their units for the new features of the PM42 by changing the chip on the board and re-programming the PM42 for their operation.

KB308 PM42 - Local Annunciation

How can I remotely monitor the input and output status of a section of the PM42 that is configured to act as a circuit breaker at a remote location? The final output stage, of each section, of the PM4 or PM42 is a DPDT relay. The contacts of this relay act in a similar fashion as the contacts of a DPDT toggle switch. These inputs and outputs can be monitored in a variety of ways. Three common monitoring devices are a LED (with appropriate resistor), a lamp (of the appropriate voltage), or an optical coupler (with appropriate resistor). The following ...

KB133 How do I mount the 44 pin edge connector boards?

My question is: How do I mount the PM42? Do I need a special housing in order to mount it under table? It appears to me that mounting it flush against a surface would prevent, or make it extremely difficult, to attach the 44-pin connector. Digitrax manufactures three devices which have a 44-pin connector. These are the BDL168 (and its predecessor the BDL16), the SE8C and the PM42 (and its predecessor, the PM4). These best approach to mounting these devices is to screw the connector directly to the wiring panel board. Drill mounting holes in the end of the 44-pin ...

KB614 BDL168, PM42 & SE8C Recommended Wiring Procedure For 44 Pin Connector

  Do you have a recommend wiring procedure for the 44-pin edge connector on the PM42 and SE8C?PM42, PM4, BDL168, BDL16, BDL162 & SE8C use a 44-pin edge connector. Connecting wires securely to this connector requires soldering skills. For connections to the 44 pin connector, Digitrax recommends using 16 gauge stranded wire. For all other soldering connections, Digitrax recommends 14 gauge (AWI) stranded wire for electrical connections on your railroad. 1. Use individual short lengths of 16 gauge wire to connect to the 44 pin connector. 2. Strip and tin both ends of the wire. 3. Bend one end into ...