KB977: PM42/PM4 Differences

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What's the difference between the PM42 and the PM4?

The PM42 is an improved version of the PM4. We added 2 faster short circuit detection sensitivity settings and revamped the manual.

Get the benefits of short circuit management and auto reversing without adding more boosters!

PM42 Quad Power Manager lets you use a single booster and divide its output into 4 power sub-districts for automatic reversing &/or to improve operation by preempting booster shutdown when a short circuit is detected by the PM42. If you want to improve operation but don't need the added power (or expense) of adding a booster, the PM42 is the right answer for you. Each PM42 can run 4 sub-districts off a single booster in any combination of regular sub-districts and auto reversing sub-districts.

$79.95 msrp (Less than $20 per sub-district).

The PM42 is an improved version of the PM4.  PM42 includes 2 additional faster short circuit detection sensitivity settings to allow you to adujst how quickly the PM42 detects a short circuit and shuts down the sub-district to which it is attached.  Unless you are experiencing issues with PM4s on your layout, there is no need to upgrade to PM42s.

PM4 users can upgrade their units for the new features of the PM42 by changing the chip on the board and re-programming the PM42.  The cost of the upgrade kit is $9.99 msrp.

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