KB614: BDL168, PM42 & SE8C Recommended Wiring Procedure For 44 Pin Connector

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Do you have a recommend wiring procedure for the 44-pin edge connector on the PM42 and SE8C?

PM42, PM4, BDL168, BDL16, BDL162 & SE8C use a 44-pin edge connector. Connecting wires securely to this connector requires soldering skills. For connections to the 44 pin connector, Digitrax recommends using 16 gauge stranded wire. For all other soldering connections, Digitrax recommends 14 gauge (AWI) stranded wire for electrical connections on your railroad.

1. Use individual short lengths of 16 gauge wire to connect to the 44 pin connector.

2. Strip and tin both ends of the wire.

3. Bend one end into a "hook" shape and insert it in one of the individual openings of the 44 pin connector. Once it is in the opening, bend it further to make a good physical connection.

4. Heat the joint and solder the wire in place.

5. Strip and tin both ends of a piece of 14 gauge wire that is long enough to complete the connection to the track or distribution block.

6. Heat both the 16 gauge wire and the 14 gauge wire and solder them together.

7. Use heat-shrink insulating tubing to cover the joint to prevent damage and short circuits from the bare connection. Electrical tape can be used but is not as reliable.

When using the 44 pin connector be careful not to bridge between the side to side connections. If you have two side to side connections bridged with solder, the units will not operate correctly. The PM42 requires the top and bottom connections to be bridged when setting up a section for auto reversing.



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