PM4 Power Manager

This product has been replaced by the Quad Power Manager (PM42) and is no longer available. Click here to view the PM42.

The PM4 can control 4 independent power sub-districts that can each be set up as either a "Short Circuit Manager"
(default) or an "Auto-Reversing Controller." A separate booster can power each of these sub-districts or multiple
boosters can power any combination.


PM4 Features:

  • Cost effective power management for 4 power sub-districts

  • Short circuit management or auto-reversing for each sub-district

  • Increases layout reliability by preempting booster shutdown, minimizes downtime by automatically restarting once a short is cleared.

  • User selectable short circuit detection sensitivity to optimize operation with other layout equipment

  • Auto-Reversing manages polarity mismatches on reversing track sections

  • Auto-Reversing is automatic, no need for toggle switches or additional boosters

  • PM4 connects to LocoNet to transmit information to your system

  • No locomotive wiring modifications needed



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