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Tiny 4 FX3 function decoder with DCC medium plug and 1" harness

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KB114 DZ143PS and Seuthe Smoke Units

Your DZ143ps decoder has been suggested for my Broadway Limited Blueline PRR J1a. I want to install a Seuthe smoke generator (#100 10-16v,120ma), which was recommended. I don't want to connect it directly to the track power because it will run all the time. Is there a way to connect it to DZ143PS so I can turn it on and off? Yes. The DZ143 series have a total of four function outputs, two are for the front and rear headlights and two are for additional functions. F1 controls the green wire output of the decoder, F2 controls the purple wire ...

KB65 Atlas HO HH 600/660 Installation

Steps needed for the DZ125PS or DZ143PS decoder installation: Remove couplers and carefully remove loco shell to reveal the 8 pin dummy (DC) plug. Remove 8 pin dummy (DC) plug [picture shown with plug removed]. Plug in the DZ125PS or DZ143PS with orange wired #1 pin in pin with triangle marked pin. Detail of DZ125PS or DZ143PS with orange wired #1 pin correctly oriented. Tuck decoder in cab area of loco, replace shell and reinstall couplers.

KB120 Decoder Installation in the H0-scale Con-Cor Pioneer Zephyr

Application Note: Con-Cor HO-Scale Zephyr steps needed for the DZ125PS decoder installation Step 1: Carefully remove the body from the frame. There are four clips along each side of the body. (See red arrows) We have found if you start at the rear of the body with a small flathead screwdriver and carefully pry the body outward to remove the back clip, you can move the screwdriver forward to release the others. Once the body is completely removed, carefully lift the light board from its holders on the bulkheads. (See blue arrows) Be very careful as the pins that hold ...