KB114: DZ143PS and Seuthe Smoke Units

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Your DZ143ps decoder has been suggested for my Broadway Limited Blueline PRR J1a.

I want to install a Seuthe smoke generator (#100 10-16v,120ma), which was recommended.

I don't want to connect it directly to the track power because it will run all the time.

Is there a way to connect it to DZ143PS so I can turn it on and off?

Yes. The DZ143 series have a total of four function outputs, two are for the front and rear headlights and two are for additional functions.

F1 controls the green wire output of the decoder, F2 controls the purple wire output.

The blue wire is the common return.

As per the documentation, "Do not exceed the decoder’s 500mA total function output rating.", so the 120 ma consumption of the Seuthe smoke unit and the power consumption of the headlights cannot exceed 500mA.

Typically, incandescent bulbs draw 50mA, while LED's typically draw 15mA.

So, 120 mA plus two times 50mA would still keep you within the current limits of the decoder.

It has been asked if a "kickback" diode is necessary with a smoke unit.

A. J. Ireland, the Digitrax designer advises: "The smoke units are typically resistive loads, so do NOT have any serious inductive kickback when directly connected to a function lead. Diodes would not be needed in this case."

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