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Tiny Decoder with 6 Pin NEM 651 Plug Great for UK, European Locomotives. Some US manufacturers use this plug arrangement, too.

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KB147 DZ125IN/DZ126IN - Installation Instructions

1. Carefully remove the locomotive’s shell from the frame. Notice the orientation of the shell to the frame so that you can reinstall correctly. 2. Remove the 6 pin analog shorting plug and in its place insert the DZ125IN/DZ126IN decoder with the correct pin-1 orientation. (There also is a small numeral "1" on the bottom of the DZ125IN near pin-1.) The DZ125IN has 6 pins that insert directly into the 6 pin socket (NEM 651 type) on the locomotive’s PCB. The DZ125’s small size allows the decoder to be easily installed in a variety of European locomotives. For the Kato ...

KB146 DZ125IN - Function Outputs

The DZ125IN is set up at the factory to control two function outputs. The DZ125IN is configured to control the forward and reverse lights on the locomotive through the white lead and yellow lead using Function 0 (F0F-forward and F0R-reverse) for directional lighting. Both function outputs can be easily set up with Digitrax FX3 lighting effects or as standard on/off functions with the following operational qualifiers: 1. Forward or Reverse direction of travel, or 2. Whether F0 is on or off, or 3. Both direction of travel and whether F0 is on or off, or 4. Whether the locomotive is ...

KB155 DZ125IN - Wiring Diagram

Note: The connections illustrated above are for purposes of illustration. The NEM socket has six conductors which are arranged in numerical order from 1 - 6: Contact 1 - Motor Connection (orange wire) Contact 2 - Motor Connection (gray wire) Contact 3 - Track Pickup (red wire) Contact 4 - Track Pickup (black wire) Contact 5 - Forward Headlight (white wire) Conatct 6 - Rearward Headlight (yellow wire)

KB148 Minitrix 6-Pin Socket

We have discovered during a conversion of an earlier Minitrix V60 diesel that the 6-pin socket is not always wired correctly for conversion to DCC. Apparently, earlier Minitrix locomotives equipped with this socket were wired for use with Selectrix decoders. You should examine the connections from the locomotive to the 6-pin plug prior to installing the DZ125IN.

KB278 Marklin Z-Scale

I have an extensive collection of older (15-20 years) Z-Scale Maerklin equipment. Can I convert the locos to Digitrax, or must I buy some other brand of loco to use Digitrax? Maybe yes, maybe no. It depends upon the size of the locomotive. We are aware of several European Z-Scale model railroads that use Digitrax. We also know of a very large Z-Scale railroad in Washington, DC that uses Digitrax. This particular railroad is a model of Swiss prototype, so the locomotives are all electric-types; there seems to be enough room inside for a decoder, especially the new DZ125 series ...