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1 Amp Wired Mobile Decoder

Please use 3 step speed tables for all DZ121 & DN121 Series Decoders, because of size constraints in their processors, they do not support 28 step speed tables.

Non-directional headlights are NOT available on DZ121 Decoders.

Retired in 2002

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KB866 DZ121 - Compatibility with Easy DCC, MRC or Lenz

The DZ121 was discontinued in 2002.  There were some interoperability issues with Easy DCC, MRC and Lenz.  The exchange offer is no long valid.  This article is still published for reference only.At that time, Easy DCC, Lenz and MRC users could return DZ121's to Digitrax for no charge replacements that will work on their systems. There was no reason for Digitrax, Wangrow or NCE users to replace any DZ121 decoder unless they wre having problems.The text at that time:For Easy DCC and Lenz users who are having problems: To determine whether your DZ121 should be returned, read back CV07. A ...

KB900 DZ121 - Short Address Programming Notes

Short Address Programming Note When programming the short address (CV01) in your DZ121, the decoder will automatically set CV19 to 0, CV29 to 0, CV 55 to 80, CV56 to 30 & CV57 to 0. This is done to insure compatibility with DCC systems that only recognize short addressing (2 digit mode). When using long addressing (4 digit addressing) these CV's are not affected.After changing the short address (CV01), you will probably want to change CV29 to 06 or another appropriate value based on your operations. You can do this on the programming track or, if you forget, you can ...

KB901 Configurable Strobes CV49 & CV50-DZ121 Decoder

Configurable strobes are controlled with CV49 & CV50. CV49 controls the White Lead   CV50 controls the Yellow Lead The value programmed for each CV consists of 2 digits, the first digit controls the conditions under which the light will be active.1x=Reverse, if 1 is the first digit then the light will be on when the locomotive is in reverse2x=F0 Qualified, if 2 is the first digit then the function will be active when F0 is on and off when F0 is off4x=Direction insensitive, if 4 is the first digit then the function will be On in either directionThe second ...

KB388 DZ121 for the N-Scale Life-Like SW1200

Prior to Disassembly Test the Decoder All Digitrax decoders are tested for proper operation before they leave the factory, but sometimes strange things happen. Therefore to insure your decoder is covered under our warranty policy, please give it a thorough test BEFORE you cut the wires. Test Run the Locomotive Be sure it runs correctly in both directions with no unusual noises or binding in the motor-gear train. If it checks out OK, then: Get Ready Before you start, get your tools and supplies together for this project. You will need the following items: DECODER TESTER - Such as the ...

KB927 CV65-CV95 - 28 Step Loadable Speed Table

When you are using a throttle to control a locomotive, you will notice that as you increase and decrease the speed, the loco responds to the change in throttle settings according to the relationship between motor voltage applied and the throttle setting.  This is called the throttle response curve.  Decoders are shipped from the factory with a linear throttle response curve.  This means that as you increase the throttle setting from 0 to full speed, the loco will look like the default curve in this diagram.If you want to create a more realistic throttle response curve, you can set up ...