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Board replacement decoder for Atlas N-Scale GP40-2, U25B, SD35, Trainmaster, B23-7 and others

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KB178 Installing DN163A0

DN163A0 is a board replacement decoder for Atlas N-Scale GP40-2, GP38 U25B, SD35, Trainmaster, B23-7 and several others. Shown here is an installation in a GP40-2. 1. Carefully remove the locomotive’s shell from the frame. Notice the orientation of the light board inside so that you can install the decoder in the same orientation. 2. Carefully remove the plastic light shroud at the front of the loco and loosen the frame screws enough to allow the removal of the light board. Lift the board out of the frame. 3. Install the decoder, square CPU to the top, between the frame ...

KB177 Function Outputs for DN163A0

The DN163A0 is set up at the factory to control six functions. The unit is prewired with two golden-white LEDs set up for directional lighting as F0F/F0F+ for the front light and F0R/F0R+ for the rear light. Functions F1 (Green), F2 (Violet), F3 (Brown) and F4 (White/Yellow) can be used by soldering a wire from the pad for the function you wish to use to the lamp (or other function) you wish to control. The wire colors indicated are the standard color code used in the industry (you can use any color you like). These colors are important if you ...

KB1032 Atlas DN163Ax Function Outputs

The following picture shows the location of all extra function pads on the DN163A0, DN163A1, DN163A3 and DN163A4.  These decoders all share the same board layout.  The length is different to fit the various models.          Note: There is not a current production DN163A2.  This decoder was retired after the manufacturer made changes to the chassis and the decoder no longer fit properly.