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Digitrax 9 pin harness with no-solder connections for Athearn Standard Locomotives

This item was retired in August 2012 due to the unavailability of connector clips for building this product.

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KB141 Wiring Harnesses

I have numerous locomotives I wish to convert to DCC. In order to spread the cost out over time I would like to install the connector/harness and add the decoder at a later date. Is it possible to buy the connector/harness assembly separately? Yes, there are several harnesses which are part of the Digitrax Easy Connect systemThis System Included the:DHWH - 9 pin to bare wires wire harnessDHDP - 9 pin dummy plugs to convert for analog operationDHWHPS - 9 pin to DCC medium plug short harness 1"DHWHP - 9 pin to DCC medium plug long harness 3"DHAT - 9 pin ...

KB240 Athearn PA's

I would like to re-power two old Athearn Alco PAs and sandwich a dummy PB in between. I would like to know if is possible /practical to install a sound module in the dummy unit. Actually, there's probably enough room to fit something in the A-units, but you could install sound into the B-unit if there is a way for track power to reach the sound unit. Consider the SoundBug SFX006 which replaces the SFX004): The speaker diameter is 28mm, or just a bit larger than an inch. You will need to fit the speaker into a baffle and the ...

KB467 Athearn DD40 HO Decoder Install with Two Motors

Q: I have a late 70's or early 80's Athearn EMD DD40. An article on Wiring For DCC suggested a DH83FX - 2amp decoder for Athearn "Covered Wagons." The pictures look like the inside of my loco except the DD40 has twin motors with joined drive shafts. In researching your site, I realize that the DH83FX is no longer manufactured, but I was led to the DH163AT as the current replacement. Will this work? I have some other Athearn SD40 units, same vintage, but single motors. Is this the correct decoder for them? A: The "AT" in the decoder name ...