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Zephyr Express gives you simple to use Digitrax Complete Train Control for a great price. It offers simplified advanced train operation for any size layout and is fully expandable. You won’t have to start over when you want to do more with your railroad.

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KB341 Bachmann DCC Turnouts

To program Bachmann's E-Z Command® Decoder-Equipped DCC Turnouts follow these steps: 1. Connect the turnout (or wye or crossover) to a powered section of track (Rail A & B)2. Verify Track Power is on.3. Press and hold the programming button of the E-Z Command® turnout/wye/crossover until switch toggles twice (release programming button).  The turnout is now in programming mode. 5. Press Switch button on the Throttle. 6. Select the desired address on the Throttle (1-100 for this device). 7. Press OPTN button if using a DT40x or DT500 series Throttle, the CV-WR key then the EXIT key on a DCS50/51 ...

KB1063 IPLing and Track Power with the DT602/D

IPLING From time to time the latest DT602 family throttle firmware will be updated and will be posted on the product support page.  These updates may slightly modify the DT602's operation, based on customer feedback/requests and priority support issues discovered. If you are happy with the operation of your DT602, and have no issues or new features you may want, it is not required to perform an available update. All DT602 family throttles should only be firmware updated or IPL'd while plugged directly into a working LocoNet. The Digitrax provided DMF file for field updating DT602's can be used for IPL of any ...