KB341: Bachmann DCC Turnouts

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To program Bachmann's E-Z Command® Decoder-Equipped DCC Turnouts follow these steps:

Connect the turnout (or wye or crossover) to a powered section of track (Rail A & B)

Verify Track Power is on.

Press and hold the programming button of the E-Z Command® turnout/wye/crossover until switch toggles twice (release programming button).  The turnout is now in programming mode.

Press Switch button on the Throttle.

Select the desired address on the Throttle (1-100 for this device).

Press OPTN button if using a DT40x or DT500 series Throttle, the CV-WR key then the EXIT key on a DCS50/51 or for the DCS52 press the B Soft key.  
The switch should toggle 4 times and exit programming mode. 

Other notes:


This particular decoder is very sensitive to button presses outside the specific sequence.

If you inadvertently press other buttons or functions, it is best to let the decoder exit from programming mode (switch toggles twice), and start over.

There is no apparent way to reset the turnout/wye/crossover decoder to the factory default.

The decoder must be programmed first before it will respond to any switch commands "out of the box".



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