KB560 Broadway Limited F7 Loco-Which decoder fits?

Q: I have 2 Broadway non-sound F7 DC locos. I bought 2 DH163IP decoders for them. However the decoder is too large to fit into the 8 pin plug provided on the PC board in the loco. A: We recommend a DZ146PS for those locomotives. They will fit in the space available. Don't be confused by the Z designation of this decoder, it is rated at a full 1 amp to run most HO locos but it is small enough to fit in Z scale locos.

KB114 DZ143PS and Seuthe Smoke Units

Your DZ143ps decoder has been suggested for my Broadway Limited Blueline PRR J1a. I want to install a Seuthe smoke generator (#100 10-16v,120ma), which was recommended. I don't want to connect it directly to the track power because it will run all the time. Is there a way to connect it to DZ143PS so I can turn it on and off? Yes. The DZ143 series have a total of four function outputs, two are for the front and rear headlights and two are for additional functions. F1 controls the green wire output of the decoder, F2 controls the purple wire ...

KB163 Using Broadway Limited Locomotives with Digitrax - Function Controls F9-F12

Function Controls F9-F12 Some Broadway Limited Locomotives use Functions F0-F12 when running in DCC mode.  In some cases F9-F12 do not respond properly.  To remedy this problem, simply reset the locomotive to the factory default setting per the Broadway Limited Instructions you received with your locomotive. Note:  F9-F12 are accessible on the DT400 throttle when used in conjunction with the DCS100 command station.

KB270 Broadway Limited Locomotive Shuts Down Zephyr

I have a Broadway Limited Import diesel locomotive equipped with factory DCC and Sound. Every time I turn on my Digitrax Zephyr DCS50 the engine starts to short out. It begins to slow down and then jerks a little and sometimes it stops completely. My Zephyr shows a line of flickering zeros across the dial and the engine decoder number even flickers on and off at times. I have checked all terminal connections and for foreign matter on the track but have not had any success in solving the problem.I have taken all cars off the track to make sure ...

KB351 Broadway Limited - Blueline Locomotives

Overview: Broadway Limited has issued a new line of H0-Scale locomotives called "Blueline". These locomotives are equipped with sound decoders that can be operated in a conventional Direct Current environment. They also are fitted with an 8-pin DCC Medium plug to allow for conversion to a DCC operating environment. Among other decoders, Broadway Limited recommends using our DN143IP mobile decoder for this purpose. Converting these locomotives is simple, but programming a 4 digit address can be a challenge. BLI has a support page which indicates that changing the locomotive address and other CV's can be done in OPS Mode (also ...